Saturday, February 14, 2009

Little Joe's Homemade Beef & Sausage

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Lil' Joe's (Countryside, IL)

Its not often that I find a beef spot that I previously had no knowledge of but it happened this past year in Countryside, IL.

I found Lil' Joe's tucked into a strip of other business's hidden guessed it, one of those Al's beef/Nancy's pizza franchise's. The sign said "homemade beef since 1969" and the place looked like it hadn't changed much inside and that was all I needed to give it a try, that and the fact there were about 10 people eating in and taking out of Joe's while there was one person in the drive thru at Al's and no one inside. When I got a 2nd chance to go back to Joe's I was glad to taste it was no fluke. The first thing I thought when enjoying a Joe's IB was "this is what the beef's at Mr. Beef used to taste like". Its really a melt in your mouth type beef, very thin and very tender. The giardinara is not hot at all, so thats a small minus but it is loaded with celery, a small plus. Little Joe's is new to my all-beef team and its in the starting five maing it one of my five favorite beefs in Chicagoland. Its worth the drive down Ogden via Route 66 coming from Chicago for any beef connoisseur.

The meatball sandwich was also above average and worth getting again even though there were just two meatballs they were large. If LJ's was a little closer to me, they would see me in there often. Another big plus is this has to be the best place to get a beef and a beer, which they have on tap.

Beef with hot from Lil' Joe's

Rating Scale 5/5

beef: 5
bread: 4
gravy: 4
hot peppers: 3

Score: 16/20

Little Joe's
20 E. Plainfield Road
Countryside, IL 60525
(708) 352-9696

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  1. I really enjoy reading your blog. I grew up in DeKalb and there were a couple of good beef places in that little town. Unfortunately, for the last 15 years, I lived in North Central Florida near Gainesville, and there is no such thing as Italian Beef. I miss my beefs so damn damn damn much, but it's nice to eat 'em vicariously through you.
    I can't wait to get up to Il. for my 20th High School reunion this summer and get me some damn real food!


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