Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Enzo's Beef & Sausage

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So I drove by Enzo's on Chicago rd. out in Chicago Heights not too long ago while out on work and remembered what I was told by an old colleague, which that it's worthy of a stop. So I decided to stop in and try a beef with hot and upon doing so it was like going back to an old beef joint from the 70's.

In Chicago Heights, IL

Inside they had cafeteria seating with an old ice cream parlor next door connected from within. The old menu was painted on the wall with the standards like Italian beef, sausage, meatball sandwiches, hot dogs and Polish sausage along with a charred salami (I assume) and sloppy Joe's. The menu also had a "Combo #2" with sloppy Joe and Italian beef. It was very cool that they had an indoor grilling pit area seen below where some items like the sausage were grilled over charcoal. I should of got a combo but I always get a beef with hot on my first visit to a beef joint which is a rare thing these days since I feel like I'm winding down trying all of the ones deemed worthy of doing so in Chicagoland. So its always nice to find an old spot that's new to you.

The Old Menu is still up on the wall

Indoor fire grilling pit from back in the day which is still used

Well, the sandwich was alright. I asked for a beef with hot and it came with sport peppers which I don't mind on a beef but I prefer them with giardineria. The beef was a little above average, it was like a roast beef, not shaved thin, so a little thicker but I ate the whole thing happily. I guess this place was a favorite back in the day when Chicago Heights had a strong Italian presence. There are still a few of the old school pizza spots located along Lincoln Highway U.S Route 30 as well as some real old bar's from back in that day. You should check out S'C'&C for updates from those spots coming soon.

Beef with sport peppers from Enzo's

Rating Scale 5/5

beef: 3
bread: 4
gravy: 3
hot peppers: 2

Score: 12/20

Enzo's Beef & Sausage
1710 Chicago Road
Chicago Heights, IL 60411-3405
(708) 754-7040

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  1. I have been eating at Enzo's for over 40 years. They acually have very good homemade giardineria, which you can also buy to go in pint size containers. But if you just ask for " hot peppers" you get sport peppers. You gotta specify giardineria.


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