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Carm's Beef (Hillside, IL) Closed

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Its unfortunate it had to happen but the next stop is no longer open. Carm's Beef in Hillside, IL (no relation to Carm's on Polk) closed down a couple months back and I never got a chance to posting about it. Since Carm's is in Hillside which is nowhere near Lincoln Park its a spot I only got to a few times before it closed. I have no idea why it closed and thought it was a very popular neighborhood joint which was located on Wold Road across from the large cemetery. It was your typical Italian Deli serving all the usual's including Italian beefs which were their most popular item. I am unsure if this family of Carm's Beef has any outposts left. Feel free to post in the comments section and let me know.

Unfortunately Carm's recently closed...not sure if its for good or not

I think the beef you grew up on and neighborhood in which you lived has alot to do with what your favorite Italian Beef is. Some people might not be from a neighborhood with any good ones and seek out the best and others haven't had beefs from anywhere else but the place nearest to them. Since I am a seeker of the Great Beef and always on the prowl for the one's worthy of any "best of" list-I have had more beefs than most. Pretty much everyone as a matter of fact. If you grew up on a beef that has a unique characteristic to its flavor than its easy to see why that one will always be your favorite. I think Carm's in Hillside was a good example of a unique beef sandwich. The gravy had a real beefy taste to it almost as if it was a roast. The beef was sliced a little thicker than most places as well so it was a very roast beefy Italian beef sandwich. One of the other quality's that made Carm's stand out was their hot peppers. They had two different types of peppers-a mild blend made with celery, jalapenos etc.. and the hotter more traditional blend with carrots, sport peppers etc...seen on the sandwich below. I always gave Carm's credit for having above average everything went it came to their Italian beef's.

Beef with hot from Carm's (Hillside, IL)

Rating Scale 5/5

beef: 4
bread: 4
gravy: 4
hot peppers: 4

Score: 16/20

Carm's Beef
1801 South Wolf Road
Hillside, IL 60162-2110
(708) 449-0125


  1. I'm hoping/praying that it reopens although driving past it recently, it appears that the awnings have been removed and the place gutted. It's a shame as this is easily my favorite Beef place in the 'burbs having grown up with it at the original location which was a classic dive on 12th Street in Berwyn just East of Harlem right by what is Capuccino Plaza (it burned down and relocated). Growing up with Novi's and Buona nearby... it is and remains no contest, Carm's was always better. Hopefully at some point they reopen, the closer to my home in Lyons... the better.

  2. Just an update:

    They have it posted on the front windows of the now closed building that this location is permanently closed and that if you want Carm's Beef you can get it from their Warrenville location. It's supposedly off of I-88 and Route 59 just South of 88.

    It's a shame because to this day it's my favorite beef place and I can't really see driving the 30-45 minutes to go pick up beef from them that often. Hopefully eventually they reopen a second location closer to this area. I have to admit that the Hillside location wasn't placed that well and with Buona opening a more accessible location just down the road, it was probably hard for them to compete with where they were located (on a busy road, off of a side street, with limited parking).

  3. Whats up spongezilla..thanks for the update. Any other favorites around Chi-land? also make sure to sign up to follow the mother site...good looks.

  4. They still have a place in Warrenville. Same great Beefs & peppers.

  5. Glad I found your blog. Been wanting Carm's for some time and came all the way from Missouri to get some. I'll check out Warrenville spot.

  6. Carms is now in tinley park! 17801 oak park ave! 1708 444 4272. Same grrrreat beefs!!!!

  7. I grew up on that side street off of Wolf Rd. where Carm's was located, less than a block away. I spent a large chunk of my teenager salary on their beef sandwiches, it was sad to read they closed. Also met my high-school girlfriend there, she worked the register at the time!

  8. Searching for Carms BBQ beef shops. I remember my fav. was at Carms BBQ at 4800 West. Cicero Ave near Rosevelt Rd. My was that great beef. Of course I always overloaded the sandwich with the celery, olives, peppers floating in olive oil. That was the 1970's era. Is the Carms in Warrenville a family store? I would love to visit the location soon!


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